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Fanfic and Fanvid Master List

Fics in alphabetical order by fandom, then title. (Heroes fics also categorized according to word count.)



Season's Greetings - Casey finds himself in a potentially sticky situation. Chuck/Sarah, Casey. 472 words.

Dragon Age: Origins and Awakening

Atonement - When a routine Deep Roads mission goes awry, Velanna is forced to come face to face with her prejudices. Nathaniel/Velanna. Written for the 2011 girlsavesboyfic ficathon. PG-13 for violence and semi-graphic descriptions. 5,034 words.

Fit to be Tied - Velanna attempts to provoke Nathaniel, with unexpected results. Nathaniel/Velanna. 1,459 words.

Song of Valor - When brute strength meets brute strength on the battlefield, the deciding factor is a simple bow and arrow. Leliana, Sten, Alistair. Written for the 2010 girlsavesboyfic ficathon. PG-13 for brief graphic violence. 1,058 words.

Stray Fereldan Warhound - A Grey Warden's duty is hard. Trying to balance duty and love is even harder. And attempting all of the above when one of you is a human and the other is an elf is the hardest of all. Nathaniel/Velanna. PG-13. 37,146 words.

What Once Was Lost - In the years that they've been together, her attitudes have slowly begun to mellow, her demons faced and conquered—except this one. Nathaniel/Velanna. R for brief sexuality and violence. 2,281 words.


Brave Little Girl - Molly Parkman never cried. Molly, Sylar, future fic. PG-13, violent imagery and character death. 1,195 words.

Brink - In the aftermath of an explosion, Sylar plays God. Sylar/Heidi, post-5YG. PG for some graphic imagery. 1,617 words.

Comeuppance - "Gabriel Gray, you're under arrest for the murders of..." Audrey, Gabriel, baby Noah. Set in an alternate version of the 3x04 future timeline. PG-13 for themes and language. 3,978 words.

Complicated - Sylar thought he had a foolproof plan to gain ultimate power. This, however, was a wrinkle he hadn't counted on. Sylar/Heidi, 5YG-verse. 1,278 words.

Erase - Heidi can sense something's not right. Sylar/Heidi, 5YG-verse. 1,298 words.

Hunter, Prey - Sylar and Maya reunite five years following the events of "Powerless." R, violence, some blood and gore, character death. 2,472 words.

Inlaqueo - Sylar/Heidi, 5YG-verse. Four ficlets, ranging from 200-500 words each. A bedroom, an explosion, a baby, and a cell. PG-13, sexual themes and a bit of violence. 1,266 words total.

Insomnia - Sylar's brain refuses to let him forget the one who got away. Sylar, Claire, Mohinder; Sylar/Claire undertones if you're looking for them. Set between 1x15 and 1x16. PG-13 for disturbing/violent imagery. 2,013 words.

Letters From a Serial Killer - 1, 2, 3 - What do you do when you discover the man you thought was your husband is actually your husband's murderer? Sylar/Heidi, 5YG-verse. PG-13, adult themes, very mild language and sexuality. 6,753 words total.

Namesake - Noah Bennet's thoughts on his two least favorite killers reproducing. AU, implied Gabriel/Elle. A look at how the 3x04 timeline might have started out. PG for some thematic elements. 2,955 words.

Ties That Bind - Gabriel finds that with Petrellis, there's always more beneath the surface. Takes place sometime between 3x03 and 3x05. Gabriel, Heidi, Angela, cameo appearance by HRG. 2,185 words.

Shorter Ficlets (500 words or less)

In Every Way That Matters - I don’t like playing second fiddle to a dead man, Heidi. I don’t like it one bit. Sylar/Heidi, 5YG-verse. 498 words.

Sins of the Father - Call me a she-lion or a monster, as you like, for I have aimed and hit my mark--my barb forever lodged in your cleft heart. Gabriel/Elle, AU future fic. PG-13, some disturbing elements and violent imagery. Warning: possible triggering content. 375 words.

King Arthur (movie)

Stone Lion - There's a bit more to Lancelot than Vanora gives him credit for. Vanora's POV. 3,741 words.


Shatter - His fingers stretch towards her and stop, trembling in midair, like she’s one of the shiny glass sculptures on the mantelpiece that Mum and Dad never let her touch. Daniel/Charlotte, spoilers through 5x14. 1,852 words.

Mass Effect

Confessions and Lamentations - Squadmates, friends and acquaintances react, in their own words, to the new turn in Garrus and Shepard's relationship. Because everybody's got an opinion. Fem!Shepard/Garrus; ensemble. 14,788 words.

Fade to Red - Sometimes all the advance warning in the galaxy just isn't enough. Fem!Shepard/Garrus. Written for Yuletide 2011. PG-13 for some violence and a mention of major character death. 1,917 words.

Life Among the Xenophiles - Some aspects of romancing an alien are strange new territory, while others are all too familiar. Fifty one-sentence snapshots of Garrus and Shepard's relationship, written for 1sentence. PG-13 for violent and sexual imagery. 1,937 words.

No Room For Second Chances - Coming back from the dead is easier said than done. So is forgiving and forgetting. Fem!Shepard, Joker. 1,018 words.

Once and Future Heroes - Even those who will one day achieve greatness have hopes, dreams, disappointments, and moments of normalcy along the way--at least, as normal as is possible for this bunch. A collection of glimpses at the lives of Shepard and her squadmates before they became galactic heroes. Written for Yuletide 2010. PG-13 for some violent imagery. 6,569 words.

Pulling the Puppet's Strings - The Illusive Man takes a page from the Villain's Book of Traditional Emotional Manipulation Techniques. It doesn't go quite as he planned. Fem!Shepard/Garrus. Written for the 2010 girlsavesboyfic ficathon. 2,316 words.

A Spectre in More Ways Than One - Garrus has an unusual question for Shepard. Companion ficlet to "Life Among the Xenophiles," inspired by the prompt "ghost." Fem!Shepard/Garrus. 800 words.

The Very Long Night of Kaidan Alenko - Kaidan and Garrus have a sane and rational discussion about the woman they both love. Takes place after ME 2. Implied established Fem!Shepard/Garrus, past Fem!Shepard/Kaidan. 2,691 words.

Waking Up (From the Dead) Is Hard to Do - There's no such thing as a support group for the recently deceased. Fortunately for Commander Shepard, she has a talent for improvisation. Fem!Shepard/Garrus, Miranda, Kasumi, Tali. Written for Yuletide 2010. PG-13 for some thematic elements. 6,053 words.

Star Trek XI

Father's Footsteps - For just a moment, it was like she was looking at Spock again, the son’s grief reflected in the father’s stony eyes. Uhura, Sarek. Implied Spock/Uhura. 1,224 words.

Things Unspoken - On the first day of Advanced Phonology class, Nyota Uhura is one of the only students willing to look Spock in the eye. Spock/Uhura. 1,982 words.

Stargate Atlantis

The Thirteenth Rose - Zelenka has a crush. Sheppard/Weir, Zelenka. Valentine's Day fic, unadulterated fluff. 2,196 words.

X-Men Movieverse

Motorcycles and White Mochas - Starbucks is definitely not Logan's favorite place. Unfortunately for him, Rogue is addicted to caramel white mochas. Logan/Rogue (implied, mostly friendship). Post-X3, no spoilers. 2,546 words.

Past is Prologue - As I lay awake at night, listening to the sounds of Marie kicking and screaming her way through other people’s nightmares, I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe this door to her past hadn’t completely closed yet. Logan/Rogue (implied). Post-X3. 4,250 words.

Say The Words - Logan has battled Sabretooth, Mystique and Deathstryke and lived to tell about it. But now, he must face an even more formidable challenge: the L word. Logan/Rogue, Kitty. Warning for total fluff! 2,724 words.

Scrutiny - A stranger watches Rogue, unaware that he himself is being watched. Logan/Rogue (implied). 1,059 words.

Survivor Syndrome - One late night in the infirmary following the Liberty Island incident, Jean finds she has more pressing matters to deal with than just paperwork. Jean, Rogue, Logan. 2,970 words.

White Streaks - There's something different about Marie, and it's bothering Logan. Post-X3 fic. 3,573 words.


Antebellum - The deconstruction of a relationship. Battlestar Galactica, Cally/Chief.

Between - The peaks and valleys of Tony and Michelle's relationship. 24, Tony/Michelle.

Break Your Heart - Anders and the Unromanceables ft. The Illusive Man - Well, you can't say Anders didn't warn Hawke. Dragon Age/Mass Effect, F!Hawke/Anders + ensemble.

How Do I Get Through To You - "All love is unrequited...all of it." Babylon 5, Marcus/Ivanova.
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