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Operation Go The Heck To Sleep, week 1 results

As I stated in my last entry, I'm trying to start going to bed at 11:50 or so on weeknights so as to get a full seven hours of sleep. This was my first week attempting it. The actual times I went to bed were as follows:

Sunday night: midnight
Monday night: shortly after midnight
Tuesday night: around 12:40 am
Wednesday night: 1:00 am
Thursday night: midnight

So, I never actually got to bed right at 11:50, but midnight is pretty close, and I really only slipped up on two days. As for whether I've seen any improvements in my mood, productivity, etc, I'm guessing it'll take a little bit longer for significant chances to take effect. But I did find that I was able to be a bit more alert in the mornings--three days this week, I actually made my bed in the morning and got to work on time without rushing madly all over the place. Whereas usually, I roll out of bed and barely have enough time to sleepwalk through brushing my teeth and throwing some clothes on before racing off to work and still ending up a few minutes late anyway.

Mood-wise, things are about the same...maybe slightly better than normal early in the week. Though today was more rough--one of those days where I was (am) depressed and crying for no reason whatsoever and using up most of my Kleenex supply at work. So I guess getting more sleep hasn't helped eliminate that, at least not yet.
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