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Meretseger [userpic]
Fanfic and Fanvid Master List

Fics in alphabetical order by fandom, then title. (Heroes fics also categorized according to word count.)

Fanfic and fanvid master listCollapse )

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(Mostly) Friends Only

I'm always up for new friends, and if we have some interests in common, chances are good I'll add you back. Just comment and let me know.
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Dear Yuletide Writer 2015

DYW Letter 2015Collapse )

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Dear Yuletide Writer 2014

DYW 2014Collapse )

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DYW Letter

*hums while shamelessly copy-pasting chunks of last year's letter*

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(no subject)

Welp, the final ME 3 DLC (very creatively titled "Citadel") was announced a few days ago.

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Operation Go The Heck To Sleep, week 1 results

As I stated in my last entry, I'm trying to start going to bed at 11:50 or so on weeknights so as to get a full seven hours of sleep. This was my first week attempting it. The actual times I went to bed were as follows:

Sunday night: midnight
Monday night: shortly after midnight
Tuesday night: around 12:40 am
Wednesday night: 1:00 am
Thursday night: midnight

So, I never actually got to bed right at 11:50, but midnight is pretty close, and I really only slipped up on two days. As for whether I've seen any improvements in my mood, productivity, etc, I'm guessing it'll take a little bit longer for significant chances to take effect. But I did find that I was able to be a bit more alert in the mornings--three days this week, I actually made my bed in the morning and got to work on time without rushing madly all over the place. Whereas usually, I roll out of bed and barely have enough time to sleepwalk through brushing my teeth and throwing some clothes on before racing off to work and still ending up a few minutes late anyway.

Mood-wise, things are about the same...maybe slightly better than normal early in the week. Though today was more rough--one of those days where I was (am) depressed and crying for no reason whatsoever and using up most of my Kleenex supply at work. So I guess getting more sleep hasn't helped eliminate that, at least not yet.
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Until Dawn - Yuletide 2017 evidence post

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DYW Letter

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Fic: Atonement

Title: Atonement
Fandom: Dragon Age
Characters/Pairing: Velanna, Nathaniel, with hints of Nathaniel/Velanna
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Violence, semi-graphic descriptions
Word Count: 5,034
Summary: When a routine Deep Roads mission goes awry, Velanna is forced to come face to face with her prejudices.
Notes: Written for the 2011 girlsavesboyfic ficathon.

The first thing she registered was the silence.Collapse )

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We Love the Women That Fandom Hates - Day 5

It occurred to me that one of the most important aspects of Ashley's character that I haven't covered much yet is her family and how central they are to her life. This is a snippet from Once and Future Heroes, one of the fics I wrote for Yuletide last year, which touches on Ashley's family life. I suspect that fics posted this week are probably supposed to be new and written especially for womenlovefest, but, well, it's been a busy week.

A bit of fic and a bit of metaCollapse )

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We Love the Women That Fandom Hates - Day 4

Three major reasons fandom hates Ashley, and why I disagree with themCollapse )

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We Love the Women That Fandom Hates - Day 3

I didn't manage to get anything posted yesterday, so here's an extremely belated Day 3 picspam.

Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams of the 212Collapse )

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We Love the Women That Fandom Hates - Day 2

My original intent for today's Ashley entry was to post a picspam or something else graphic-related, but I failed at collecting/taking screencaps in a timely fashion, so that'll have to wait for later in the week. Instead I'll be posting some art recs.

Ashley in artCollapse )

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We Love the Women That Fandom Hates - Day 1

Blastin' bad guys with my boomstick - or, why I love Ashley WilliamsCollapse )

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VA pictures, take two

A while back, I was curious about what all the voice actors from Dragon Age: Origins and the Mass Effect games looked like, so I spent the better part of a day blowing off homework and hunting down pictures, then compiling them all in a post. Now that Dragon Age II is out and I'm equally curious about all of its voice actors, it's time for round two!

Without further adoCollapse )
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Fic: The Very Long Night of Kaidan Alenko

Title: The Very Long Night of Kaidan Alenko
Fandom: Mass Effect
Characters/Pairings: Kaidan, Garrus. Implied established Fem!Shepard/Garrus, past Fem!Shepard/Kaidan.
Rating: PG
Warnings: A bit of mild language, barely worth mentioning.
Word Count: 2,691
Summary: Kaidan and Garrus have a sane and rational discussion about the woman they both love. Takes place after ME 2.
Notes: Written because I was getting a little tired of seeing Villain!Kaidan pop up in so many fics.

The Very Long Night of Kaidan AlenkoCollapse )

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This one has made a hanar plushie.

Blasto's Valentine SpecialCollapse )
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DYW Letter!

Dear Yuletide WriterCollapse )

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Fic: No Room For Second Chances

Title: No Room For Second Chances
Fandom: Mass Effect
Characters: Fem!Shepard, Joker
Rating: PG
Warnings: A bit of mild language. Highly sensitive Joker fans may not want to read.
Word Count: 1,018
Summary: Coming back from the dead is easier said than done. So is forgiving and forgetting.
Notes: Well, I broke my own number one fanfic rule--"Never use dialogue taken straight from the game"--buuut in this case it was necessary to set the scene.

It's a little weird, seeing her again. Actually, it's really weird.Collapse )

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