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Welp, the final ME 3 DLC (very creatively titled "Citadel") was announced a few days ago.

When I first heard about it on Thursday, my reaction was a resounding "meh." However, as I mentioned an entry or two ago, I had a very tiring and frustrating day at work on Thursday, so I thought that might be coloring my opinion and that I should give it a few days to gel.

So now that a few days have passed...I still feel pretty "meh." Maybe not quite as meh as I originally was, but still.

I've had some trouble quantifying my feelings on Mass Effect ever since ME 3 came out, and the passage of time hasn't helped as much as I hoped it would. I still love the setting and the characters. That never changed, and never will. And lately I've been feeling some really intense bursts of nostalgia for the entire Mass Effect universe. "Nostalgia" isn't even a strong enough word, really, but I'm not sure what a better one would be. It's almost kind of like homesickness, if one can feel homesick for a fictional universe that only exists in pixels.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I was feeling nostalgic for ME 1 and ME 2. Not ME 3. Honestly, I don't think I really want anything to do with ME 3. And not even just because of the trainwreck that was the ending, although that's certainly a significant part of it. Somehow, the rest of the game was just...inadequate. I wish I could put my finger on what it was lacking, but I can't. Not that there weren't good parts--even excellent parts--because there were a few. But they weren't enough to make up for the feeling that everything else just wasn't right.

So, I have mixed feelings on whether or not to buy the new DLC. On one hand, it's supposedly going to focus on the characters (and even, apparently, some romance content), which is what I love about the games. But on the'll just be more ME 3. And, like the other DLC, it's of course set before the ending, so it'll be just another thing rendered totally pointless by the universe going up in flames anyway. Plus, the timing seems kind of bizarre. The galaxy is in the middle of a Reaper attack, with hundreds of thousands of people being wiped out every day, and Shepard's going to take some time out to investigate a conspiracy on the Citadel, catch up with her old buddies, and chill at a casino? Oh, okay. I'm sure all the folks being butchered on Earth and Palaven and elsewhere are cool with that.

Plus, I'm tired of paying through the nose for DLC. This is another one that's going to be fifteen bucks, like "Omega." Granted, "Citadel" is apparently going to be 4 GB, which is twice as big as a normal DLC, so it doesn't surprise me that they're charging exorbitant amounts for it. But still. I already paid $80 for the ultimately substandard game itself, and now you want me to pay another $15 for a couple more hours' worth of content? Money doesn't exactly grow on trees, BioWare. I guess I'm also still a little sore about paying $15 for "Omega," because wow was that overpriced. The only good thing about it--and the only reason I bought it--was that it featured the series' first female turian. Which as far as I'm concerned is something that should have been in the games way back in 2007, not added on as an afterthought in ME 3 DLC five years later--and then immediately and unceremoniously fridged on top of everything. Aside from Nyreen, "Omega" was completely forgettable, in my opinion.

So, yeah. Not sure yet if I'll buy "Citadel" or not, but if I do, I'll probably wait until it's been out for a little while and I can read some reviews and reactions to see if it's actually worth the money.
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