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Quarrels with the sky and fights with fate

Burns like fire on the rushing sea

8 April 1985
24, 4815162342, adama/roslin, adobe photoshop, alistair, alpha protocol, ancient art, ancient egypt, ancient history, archaeology, archives, asoiaf, awesome female characters, babylon 5, battlestar galactica, beating michigan, boromir, buckeye football, buckeyes, charlotte lewis, chuck, classical humanities, classics, commander shepard's favorite store, csi, csi ny, daniel faraday, daniel/charlotte, desmond, desmond david hume, desmond's blue shirt, desmond/penny, dragon age, dragon age 2, dragon age: origins, driving fast, egypt, egyptology, elizabeth weir, embalming, fandom, fanfiction, faramir/éowyn, female shepard, fenris, firefly, game of thrones, garrus vakarian, gil grissom, gladiator, graphic design, greece, hating michigan, hating mushed ship names, hating notre dame, health information technology, het, hobbits, jack's raging tear ducts, jayne cobb, jears, john sheppard, john/elizabeth, king arthur, kotor, lady hawke, latin, library and information science, logan, logan/marie, logan/rogue, lord of the rings, lost, maker noooo, making icons, mass effect, mass effect 2, messing with photoshop, monty python, mummies, mummification, museums, nanowrimo, narnia, nathaniel howe, osu, phantom of the opera, photography, pirates of the caribbean, pride and prejudice, procrastinating, radek zelenka, reach and flexibility, reading fanfiction, really old stuff, ricardus, richard alpert, roast chicken, rodney mckay, rome, sara sidle, sara/grissom, shadows, shepard/garrus, sheppard/weir, shipping, shirtless men, sims, singing in my car, sleeping, snark, snarking, spock/uhura, star wars, starbucks, starbucks coffee, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, surfing the internet, survivor, sylar/heidi, the good ship msn, the island, the mummy, the ohio state university, the sims 2, tony almeida, tony/michelle, turian air quotes, turians, velanna, vorlons, wolverine/rogue, writing, writing fanfiction, x-men, x-men movieverse, xbox 360